About Alphadeck

Alphadeck is the next-generation smart building platform that combines powerful analytics, flexible outputs and ease of use.

Our platform provides advanced building analytics using the latest data science techniques, in a highly user-friendly system that is accessible to all building stakeholders from landlords to service providers and tenants.

In other words, seriously good stuff!

Next-Generation Platform

When it comes to the design of Alphadeck, our key aim was to build a platform that allows users to focus on what matters most to them, and that provides meaningful insights at every step of the way. To this end, we have integrated some snazzy analytics and visualisations, but also made sure that Alphadeck uses the latest HTML standards, is fully responsive, and can easily be adapted to suit different user needs. This includes custom modules and apps, complex system integrations, and a range of languages (we now 'speak' English, Spanish, German, French, Danish and even Chinese!).

User-focused. Modular. Cool.

The design of Alphadeck puts the user first, in every way. The most important information is visible at first glance in the Summary module, and an incremental level of detail is provided by scrolling down. Everything delivered in a superclean UI (we call it cool). Want to deep dive into specific assets or data feeds, or see a custom visualisation? There's a module for that.

And while we like to help you save energy and costs, the platform tracks and visualises just about anything that happens in a building - the potential applications are endless.

Alphadeck platform screenshot

Want some bar charts with that?

Yes, we do bar charts. Everybody knows them, and almost everybody needs them at some point in their life. Bar charts are an integral part of our Analytics module. We also do lines, of course. Stacking included. If that's what you want.

The really cool thing about the Analytics module is the ability to aggregate, visualise, and reconfigure hundreds of feeds on the fly in the same chart. We call that bar chart 2.0 (no we don't; that would be totally un-cool).

Speaking of cool, we use D3.js as our visualisation engine for everything in Alphadeck. And you can do just about anything with it - here are just some examples. See something you like? Let us know!

Alphadeck platform screenshot

Click-a-button data science

We've got data science built right into Alphadeck. And all you need to do to use it is click a button. One button. That's it! We call it clustermaps (seriously now!), and it takes the good old heatmap to the next level.

Our algorithm automatically clusters load curves (or any time series data, for that matter) into key modes or operating states. Sounds complex, but it bascially allows you to see a whole year's worth of asset behaviour in a single chart. And enables you to quickly pick out outliers and unexpected equipment or building behaviours.

Alphadeck platform screenshot

Air Quality Monitoring - get WELL!

Some say air quality monitoring is the next frontier in good building operations. We don't object, but for us it also provides a neat use case for building a dedicated module that shows the relevant metrics such as CO2, VOC, PM etc (bascially whatever your sensors provide) in a highly tenant-focused way. At a glance and with all the key info provided.

This sort of thing can be used for gaining WELL and RESET certification. Especially if used in combination with accredited sensors, which we can help you source and integrate into Alphadeck (including Tongdy, Foobot, DST and others - more on this here). That's Turnkey AQM for you.

We were even featured in the Wall Street Journal with our AQM work. And spaceships. Now there's a combination.

Alphadeck platform screenshot

Smart Building Engine

We very much view Alphadeck as just the beginning of smart building enablement. And we'd like to make this applicable to both new and existing building stock. We can integrate with different building management systems, various submetering gateways, lighting controllers and all kinds of sensors. Oh, and things like occupancy and footfall tracking.

Bring all of this together in one platform, and you finally get an idea of what smart could really do for you in a real-world context.

Your building, connected

The Alphadeck platform sits right inbetween you (or better, different types of building users from landlords to tenants) and all that complex stuff in the basement and on the roof that no one even knows is there. We do all the integration work, and you get the benefit of having a single system that gets stuff done.

This includes energy and resource management (really easy once you're fully connected to the building), environmental monitoring, workspace management and lots of other things that we can build or interface with. Have an idea for connecting real-time air quality monitoring with dynamic room booking and granular HVAC controls? That's a definite can-do from us!

Smart data enginge project image

A new navigation order

Remember how earlier we talked about how you could aggregate hundreds of data feeds in our Analytics module? Well - you see the output in the chart, but really it's made possible at the input level by our shiny new navigator / selector.

This buddy lets you quickly select, pan, tag, etc. groups of data feeds and analyse them on the fly. Just the way you need it. Or have you ever tried doing this with a standard tree-based selector? Exactly!

Smart data enginge project image

The out-of-platform experience

Let's face it - as powerful and good looking as Alphadeck is (you're still reading, so we assume you got the message), there is always a possibility that your use case or data just doesn't fit. But fret not, we've got a solution for that. Say, you're running an airport with ten thousand data feeds from a wide range of sources, all in different formats and resolutions and so on, and want to know where to start looking for answers? That's what we're talking about. We've got our internal toolkits that we use for this sort of thing. As well as prototyping of new analytical approaches and algorithms.

And once we've figured it out, it can become part of Alphadeck. To help share the good stuff, you know.

Smart data enginge project image

Alphadeck is brought to you by Fabric Alpha and the team behind EnergyDeck.
If you want to know more about us and our product and service offering, or become part of the beta testing programme, get in touch!